The Scenic Hagerman Valley

1000 Springs Tours

Experience the vivid history of the scenic Idaho Snake River while enjoying some of the finest gourmet food in Southern Idaho.

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We invite you to take in the vivid beauty of the Hagerman Valley and the Thousand Springs area from on board The River's Mist. Travelers and locals alike will enjoy this unique experience on Idaho's scenic Snake River. Your group can dine on some of the finest gourmet food in Southern Idaho while on a lunch or dinner cruise, or simply take in the sights and relax with a beverage on the scenic cruise.

September 15th - November 4th

Oktoberfest Tours!

Take in the beautiful autumn foliage as fall comes to Hagerman while enjoying a catered Oktoberfest-themed meal. Take a look at this limited time menu and special pricing!

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Any time of year a cruise through the enchanting Hagerman Valley provides a beautiful backdrop for any occasion. Contact us to reserve your trip today.

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