Scenic Cruises
StartsTime Varies (call for info)
Length2 Hours
Distance12 miles
Price$30 per Person
The clear water of Blueheart Springs
(Fish are rarely seen in the springs)

1000 Springs Tours lets you witness some of the most spectacular water displays arising from the Snake River Aquifer. Our scenic tours offer you amazing views of the famous "Thousand Springs" waterfalls as they erupt from the rocky canyon walls and gush to the river below.

Our Scenic Tour also visits Blueheart Springs, which bubbles up from deep within the river bed creating an inviting crystal blue pool of spring water.

Sand Springs Falls

Scenic Snake River tours may be enjoyed throughout the year:

  • Summer - Sit at the bar and bask in the sunshine while enjoying a cool cocktail or soft drink or capture wildlife and river fowl with your camera.
  • Spring and Fall - catch the river at the height of color with spring wildflowers and autumn leaves of orange and gold dotting the canyon side. Water fowl is abundant (as are the hunters) as ducks and geese are in the midst of migration.
  • Winter - Enjoy the serene beauty of the Snake River as you sit in the comfort of our enclosed and heated boat.
The River's Mist in front of Thousand Springs

With our 52-foot "River's Mist" Catamaran Cruiser, we can now accommodate up to 32 people. We offer senior and group discounts of up to 10% (for 24 people or more) on our Scenic Cruises as well as our Dinner & Lunch Cruises.This makes the ideal activity for an upcoming Company Party or Family/Class Reunion!